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By Jobstar

 It is so easy to get bogged down in your everyday work attending to detail, ensuring that your business is running well but you must ask yourself one important question:

Are you delegating?

Are you running your business or are you working in place of an employee whilst the decision-making is not happening because you are exhausted?  Important work such as watching the competition, keeping up with new advertising trends, registering and keeping up with intellectual property are only a few of what management entails these days. In addition, it is important to understand the latest technological developments as you move your important documents to the cloud, take advantage of tax deductions for new equipment whilst ensuring that your computers are changed regularly to be up-to-date and have the ability to handle the latest programmes. 

Jim, the owner of a large company drives one of his trucks in Queensland, coming home absolutely exhausted at the end of the week when he should be employing a driver and spending time running his company. He should be asking himself whether he could be more profitable if he simply hired another driver and spent more time supervising and obtaining new contracts rather than being on the road all day.

Jeanette, the owner of a chain of stores adds evening and weekend work to her heavy daily schedule doing the company accounting and other administrative tasks, working herself into the ground instead of hiring an administration assistant/bookkeeper. This is not good management.

The famous biblical account of Jethro advising Moses to delegate his work rather than doing it all himself, allocating the work to suitable leaders at all levels is the oldest account of getting the right people doing the work whilst Moses remains available to decide the direction of his people.

To summarize, an employer can only make intelligent management decisions when his day is not taken up with work that someone else could be doing. Whether you hire professionals, skilled or unskilled candidates, JOBSTAR can help take the pressure off you by submitting applicants for your requirements.